Come Heal With Us


Kristine Sato

Certified Essence Of Angels® Teacher & Health & Well-being Coach Duke University Certified

After surviving a workplace injury that left me permanently disabled with chronic PTSD, I struggled to control my anxiety. Since there are no medications on the market to specifically treat anxiety disorders, my mental health declined and I experienced severe panic attacks that impacted my vision and ability to drive. I explored alternative healing modalities as traditional therapy and medications were no longer effective and exacerbated my health, physically and emotionally. Through my self-healing journey, I discovered that everything is energy, vibrational energy even on the subatomic level. I discovered Essence of Angels as a healing modality that resonated my chakras and awakened my doormat DNA within my crystalline matrix. This lead me down the path of not only becoming a certified energy healer, but a teacher, coach and mentor. Contact me to book your intuitive healing session with me today.

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Taylor Flemming

Certified Ayurvedic Practitioner 


"Remember who you are, your soul path has been waiting. "

Since childhood I have suffered from chronic eczema. When prescription medications were no longer an effective way to manage my skin condition, I knew something had to change. These medications were only treating the symptoms to my condition and damaging my skin further. It wasn't until I started to examine the products that I was using and the food I was consuming that I realized I needed to make a permanent lifestyle change. That is when I decided to undergo the process of understanding of how to heal yourself from within and discovered Ayurveda medicinal practices and became a certified practitioner. I am passionate about homeopathic ways to treat dis-ease and I am excited to share my wisdom and educate  the world. Contact me to learn more.