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Mind, Body, Spirit 

An Ancient Approach to Spiritual Healing 

+About Us

Taylor & Kristine
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Throughout childhood I have been afflicted with eczema and have struggled to maintain the integrity of my skin. I turned to Ayurveda as I knew I had to make a lifestyle change from a mind, body, and spirit perspective. Ayurvedic practices helped me heal my skin, and by implementing diet modifications and herbs, I was able to reverse my diagnosis of high cholesterol. 

After suffering a work-related mental health injury, I was at a loss to manage my chronic PTSD. Traditional Western medicine and treatment only pacified my symptoms temporarily, until my condition became unbearable to live with. I discovered alternative healing therapies to enable me to manage my anxiety and release me from patterns of trauma.

Within our healing practice, we utilize ancient techniques, such as sound, crystal, color, herbs, pranayamas, and Essence of Angels® therapies to help you heal and release trauma stored within your subconscious mind and body. If you are ready to make that life change you have always dreamed about, what are you waiting for? Remember who you are, your soul path has been waiting for you. 

Essence of Angels® Healing 

Do you suffer from anxiety or depression? Have you noticed a change within your mental health where you are no longer satisfied with your life, regardless of age? You do not have to suffer, and change is possible. The Radiant Light of your Soul comes in through the 13 Angelic Sacred Templates. Your Radiant Light beams your Soul Blueprint-a Sacred Map of your past life experiences, your divine gifts & Soul-full challenges for you in this lifetime. EoA offers reverent insights into future potentials. Experiencing a force of LOVE that breathes your Radiant Life into existence and empowers you to transform dis-ease, gracefully release self-defeating thoughts, experience forgiveness, heal relationships & joyously surrender to an abundantly succucessful life. 

Healing Modalities

Ayurvedic Clinic

Suffering from inflammation, poor digestion, or need dietary guidance? Come see our certified Ayurvedic practitioner and heal from within using the elements to assess what imbalances you have and tongue assessment to see how your body is functioning. Each assessment is based on your needs, by determining the root cause to your conditions and treating them holistically through prescribed dietary plans, herbs, yoga asanas, mantras, parnayamas, and meditative practices. If you are looking to make a comprehensive lifestyle change and do not know where to start, what are you waiting for? Start healing from within.  

Health & Well-Being Coaching

Are there health behavior changes that you’ve wanted to make but either haven’t known how or haven’t been successful in the past? Has a new health concern arisen that you want to pay particular attention to? Health coaching effectively motivates and supports health behavior change through a structured partnership between the client and coach. A coach is like a “personal trainer” except the focus will be on your whole self. The coach helps the client develop and realize their optimal health vision through inquiry, personal discovery and accountability. If you are ready to make that change you have always dreamed about, book you initial consultation.


Sound Healing & Corporate Wellness



Supporting mental health and wellbeing in the workplace, is not only crucial for the culture of the company, but the people who help build it. Our specially curated corporate programs will provide a safe space to reset and decompress the central nervous system with our crystal singing bowl sound bath and Gong work. This relaxation symphony will allow the central nervous system to regulate back to homeostasis. In this session, we will pass down self-regulating tools, breathing, as well as ancient Ayurvedic techniques to calm the mind. This experience will be catered towards beginners. Many participants say they notice an improvement in creativity, communication, stress, and feelings of burn-out. 


Sound healing is medicine from the ancient past, being rediscovered. Through mindfulness, meditation, vocal toning, gongs and crystal singing bowls, we orchestrate a symphony that heals your physical body on a cellular level and restores your DNA. Our sound baths will not only help to reduce stress, inflammation, anxiety, depression, and worry but it will reset your chakra system as each singing bowl is specially tuned. As certified sound, color, and energy healers we use codes and frequencies to restore your DNA. If you are ready to alchemize your life sound healing is a powerful tool. 

Health & Well-Being Coaching 

Are there changes in your life that you would love to be living? Have you struggled in the past with making lasting changes? Health & Well-Being Coaching is an alternative modality to assist you through the change management process. Treatment plans are tailored and individualized, to partner and leverage your own strengths within, to make the lasting change. Be the change you want to see today. Book a free phone consultation with a Duke Health & Well-Being Coach Certified.  


“It is better to live your own destiny imperfectly than to live an imitation of somebody else’s life with perfection.” – The Bhagavad Gita

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