Essence Of Angels® Initial Consultation

  • 1 hour
  • 120 US dollars
  • Zoom

Service Description

Essence Of Angels® Initial consultation awakens your awareness to a field beyond the logical mind; the Heart space energy field of unconditional love. This healing modality is about awakening to love and light and loving yourself enough to let go and transcend all barriers and narratives within your energetic field that may be holding you back from your highest potential and happiness. As an accredited Angel Practitioner and Teacher, I start with an intuitive counseling session to determine the energy flow to your 13 chakras. I determine if the energy of your chakras are balanced, deficient, or excessive. I channel the archangels, the keepers of the 13 sacred templates of Metatron's cube, to heal the chakra system of any imbalances. Each Essence holds the purest template of Archangel and Chakra energies to balance your life force energy flow (prana, chi, kundalini). Since we are made up of 70% water, when used for healing, these sacred liquid light templates bring about a homeostasis of mind, body, spirit and awaken your dormant DNA light codes. These liquid light codes promotes health and vitality through your crystalline body by resonating your chakra system to prevent dis-ease and promote self healing. Supportive tools such as sound, crystal, color, affirmation therapies are included in the healing session. A personalized treatment plan will be emailed and sent to you and will included an EA® elixir, crystal, affirmation, mediation recommendations for self-healing at home. Essence Of Angels® assists with the evolution, growth, spiritual awakening and enlightenment process as a supportive tool. Are you ready to become the grandest version of yourself? Book your initial consultation today.

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