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Introducing the Flower of Life Selenite Charging Plates- a tool for self-development and interconnection between the earth and the universe. These plates feature an intricate design of the Flower of Life, emphasizing interconnectedness to all life.

Crafted from high-quality selenite, these charging plates are excellent for cleansing and charging crystals, jewelry, or any other energy-sensitive items. The selenite induces a sense of tranquility while simultaneously promoting focus during meditation or spiritual practice.

The flower of life symbol has been used throughout history as an expression that links all things in creation; thus, these charging plates carry that same energy to enhance your spiritual journey.

Incorporating Selenite Charging Plates into your daily ritual is easy as it can be placed on any flat surface at home or work area- making it perfect for office space or meditation centers.

Bring balance into your surroundings with this beautiful piece that ensures positive energy flow throughout its surroundings while providing a visually appealing aspect with its intricate design- perfect not only for personal use but also makes an excellent gift idea.

Selenite Flower of Life Large

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