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Enhance your living space with our Selenite Charging Plates Home Ornament, a powerful tool that can provide protection and improve your overall well-being. Made of high-quality selenite, these charging plates are believed to carry potent energies that can cleanse and charge your crystals. You can recharge and cleanse your crystal jewelry and crystals.

Our charging plates are perfect for clearing the energies at work or home to ward off negative energies and foster a peaceful and serene environment. You can also use them during meditation to connect with your guides.

With its stunning design, this home ornament is not only functional but also adds an aesthetic appeal to any room it's placed in. The elegant white crystal complements any interior design style while providing a calming atmosphere.

Experience the ultimate power of selenite crystal with our Selenite Charging Plates Home Ornament. Order yours today!

Selenite Charging Plates

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