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Introducing our 'Large White Sage,' the perfect addition to your spiritual practices. Used by native cultures for centuries, sage smudging is a powerful tool for healing and clearing negative energies from your space. White sage, in particular, is a traditional remedy for treating anxiety, depression, and mood disorders.

Our Large White Sage bundle is perfect for those who want to take their smudging rituals to the next level. With its size and potency, you will experience a deep sense of calmness as negative energies dissipate from your surroundings.

Sustainably harvested in California by Native American tribes who have been practicing this art form for generations. Our Large White Sage bundle has high-quality leaves that will burn evenly with an aromatic aroma that will invigorate your senses.

Incorporate our Large White Sage into daily meditation or use it as part of an existing ritual practice. Its calming properties are beneficial when you need to relax after a long day or when practicing mindfulness exercises.

'Purple Sinuata - the perfect product for cleansing and clearing your chakras. This incredible product harnesses the energy of the Sinuata flower, which is linked to remembrance, friendliness, and success.

But that's not all. The beautiful violet color of 'Purple Sinuta' represents royalty, beauty, and success - making it the perfect addition to your spiritual practice.

With 'Purple Sinuata you can enjoy a renewed sense of vitality as you clear your chakras and invite positive energy into your life. So why wait? Try this amazing product today!

Purple Sinuata Sage Large

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