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Are you looking to clear negative energy from your home or new to spirituality? Look no further than our Smudging Protection Bundle. Our kit includes all the necessary elements for a successful smudging ritual, including an Abalone shell to catch burning cinders from the included 4-inch cinnamon white sage. The Abolone shell represents water, the smoke represents air, while Palo Santo represents earth and once lit, fire. All these elements combine to create a ceremony that invites Mother Earth's focus into your space for transformations and manifestations.

Incorporating Palo Santo or holy wood into your ritual is known for its calming effects on both the immune and nervous systems. Our kit also includes an 8-inch black obsidian point that provides added protection.

The set includes a 6-inch Abalone shell, making it perfect for catching cinders without worry of burning surfaces or catching unwanted fires. This Smudging Protection Bundle is ideal if you are new to spirituality or looking for ways to protect yourself from negative energies in your home.

Order our bundle today and start experiencing its benefits!

Protection Smudge Bundle

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