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Experiencing heartbreak or a spiritual awakening. This bracelet is the perfect supportive tool to help you through your journey.

Pink Rhondite

Helps to clear away emotional scars and wounds from the past and nutures love. Rhondite helps to clear, stimulate, and balance the heart chakra as well as ying/yang energy (divine feminine and masculine). If you want to achieve your highest potential, then this bracelet is for you.

Rose Sandelwood

Want to achieve higher states of consciousness? This Rose Sandalwood bracelet is for you. Sandalwood is tied to third eye chakra and helps ground and enhance meditation and spiritual connections as it opens the third eye.

Ivory Jade

Going through a spiritual awakening? Ivory Jade is the bracelet you need to help you through your journey. This crystal will help you achieve a greater sense of awareness and insight. Use within your meditation practice, as it promotes tranquility and peace.

10mm & 8mm crystal beads

7.0 wrist measurement

Handmade with ❤️

Crystals ethically sourced

Pink Rhondite Crystal Bracelet Mixed

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