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This rare crystal helps heal the wounds of love, friendship, and it can be used to enhance any areas of relationship in your life. It can be used to enhance positive affirmations and also to have a better relationship with yourself, encouraging self-love and appreciation for yourself and everything in your life.


Lavender Quartz is rarer than the rose quartz and has a pale purple color which is due to a different mix of titanium and manganese than the rose quartz. The untrained eye can sometimes think that both crystals are the same but in fact, they are not.


Lavender quartz helps to fill your heart with love but can be considered to be a stone used for psychic abilities, insights, and communication with the nonphysical. This stone works to activate the heart and third eye chakras and is used for greater insight and wisdom- a great combination with the “more emotional” rose quartz. It also aids in guidance and connection to your conscious and higher self.


You will receive 1 heart stone.

Hearts Lavendar & Rose Quartz (Rare)


    Lavender Hearts

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