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Do you need to support to heal your inner child?


Does it feel like the crystals that you purchased when you started your journey are no longer supportive? Well, if you have felt that way then you are correct. If you are wondering why, it is because your physical body has energetically upgraded itself with every tower moment you alchemized into positive energy. Think of it as ascending to the next step of the ladder. With each tower moment you positively alchemize your body ascends and your vibration raises.


It is at this time during your journey you will need to upgrade your supportive crystals and protection. The Heal Your Inner Child package provides these tools for you with crystal descriptions, instructions for how to use your crystals, guided meditation and crystal placement recommendations. Each set contains 3 crystals: Chrysoprase, Heart Lavender Rose Quartz, and Rainbow Moonstone. Also, included in this package is 1 sage and you can choose from 6 different varieties.


- Chrysoprase-

Connected to the heart & sacral chakras. Helps heal the inner child, releasing emotions locked in since childhood. Helps overcome angry thoughts & behaviors.

-Heart Lavender Rose-

Connected to the heart chakra. Stone of love and healing. Good for deep inner healing, self-love and forgiveness when healing your inner child. Also, dispels negative energies and protects against environmental pollution.

-Rainbow Moonstone-

Connected to the chakra. Moonstone enhances self-love, self-acceptance, and self-awareness. Working with the energies of rainbow moonstone may enhance and accelerate the healing of your inner child.  



Inner Child Healing Package

SKU: 1013
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