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Labradorite Bracelet- Helpful to wear if you feel overworked. Helps you regain energy while aiding the body and spirit. Also, considered one of the most powerful protectors. 


Rose Quartz Bracelet- The crystal of unconditional love. Supports you through emotional and relationship healing, inspires compassion, and boots feelings of peace and calm. 


Carnelian Bracelet- Increase vitality and energy, promotes courage and enthusiam, and protects you against negative emotions. Also, is a stone to assist with fertility issues.


Amethyst Bracelet- Known as the "all purpose stone". It is a protective stone that helps relieve stress, anxiety, headaches, and fatigue. Helps improve the skin.


Lava Rock Bracelet- Intense energy tht helps with stablity and grounding the soul. Helps calm and controll anger, anxiety relief, and muscle tension relief.


Moonkite Bracelet- Supports you during times of stress. Brings a feeling of peace and wholeness, helps with difficult decision making, and difficult times. Helps us to gracefully accept change.


Tiger's Eye- Helps focus the mind, promoting mental clarity. Useful for healing psychosomatic illnesses. Helps you recognize your own needs in realtion to others. 



Variety of Crystal Bracelets

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