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Are you currently undergoing a spiritual awakening?


Does it feel like the crystals that you initally purchased when you started your journey are no longer supportive? Well, if you have felt that way then you are correct. If you are wondering why, it is because your physical body has energetically upgraded itself with every tower moment you alchemized into positive energy. Think of it as ascending to the next step of a ladder, also like a video game and you are at the next level. With each tower moment you positively alchemize, your body ascends and you raise the virbration of your physical vessel.


It is at this time during your journey you will need to upgrade your supportive tools, especially, your crystals and protection. The awakening package provides these tools already curated for you with crystal descriptions, instructions for how to effectivly use your crystals, guided meditation, mantra and crystal placement recommendations. Each set contains 4 crystals: Peach Scolecite, Ruby Fuschite, Pyrite, and Golden Himalayan. This set also, includes your choice or either 1 sage and you can choose from 7 different varieties.



- Peach Scolecite-

Connected to the crown chakra. High vibrational crystal that helps connect you with spirit and your higher self to gain perspective of your soul path. Also resonates the heart and upper chakras.

-Ruby Fuschite-

Connected to the root & heart chakras. Helps you let go of emotional trauma and burdens. Cleanses you of lingering emotions and helps to establish boundaries during the awakening process and amplifies self-love & acceptance.


Connected to the solar plexus chakra. Used to strengthen your energy during your awakening and assist you in releasing negative energies that may be holding you back.

-Himalayan Azeztulite-
Connected to the solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye, crown, soul star, and upper chakras. Provides assistance in transforming and awakening the physical body to the high spiritual energies of the Great Central Sun.


If you are ready to take your spirtitual journey to the next level then this package is for you.



Awakening Crystal Set | Sage |

SKU: 1014
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